TIESS organises and hosts seminars on various subjects such as international environmental politics, philosophy, history, translation, sexuality and communication, contemporary art and litterature.

Summer school: Politics of the image. The Culture of Photographic Experience (T. Todorov)

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Introduction to international envronmental politics (A. Tsiumanis)

November 2018-January 2019 // March 2019-May 2019 // November- December 2019 // also as an e-learning
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Summer school: German Idealism and the development of dialectic consciousness 

15-26 June 2020 // also as an e-learning

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Summer School: Frankfurt School and Critical Theory (F. Terzakis)

3-14 June 2019 //  also as an e-learning
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Litterature and (anti)authority (K. Despoiniadis)

What is philosophy (F. Terzakis)

7-8 March 2019 // also as an e-learning
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Debt and Freedom, from Financialisation to the Era of King Hammurabi (S. Marketos/ Undebted World Collective)

11 February 2019- 25 March 2019
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Sexuality and communication (E. Liotzis)

March 2019- May 2019
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The transition from modern to contemporary art (A. Passidi)

March-May 2019 // e-learning

Introduction to creative writing (D. Naskos)

November 2018- January 2019 and March 2019- May 2019
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Translation- Tools and Terminology (K. Chatzitheodorou)

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